NextPath Learning draws upon the extensive professional experience of Craig and the seasoned insights of an international network of college educators and administrators.  Craig’s independent insider perspective provides resources for parents to assist and support the student launch and transition to college.  We continuously scan the higher education landscape to provide the most current information, programs, and resources used in exploring and navigating today’s college experience.








Understanding the intricacies and nuances of higher education and its impact on students is essential to making informed decisions about the college investment.  Building on a strong foundation of knowledge, parents develop insightful “aha moments” upon discovering dependable resources and what to look for in the college search process.  

These insights include a more complete understanding of the shifting role for parents as they support

their student’s growth from adolescence into emerging adulthood.






The college project is a significant endeavor for students and parents alike.  Equipped with knowledge and insight, parents can be proactive and strategic in working with college officials to collaboratively support their student's persistence and success.  The most enterprising institutions recognize the vital role parents play in the college project and not only embrace but also encourage parent engagement through comprehensive programs that educate, involve, and empower parents as partners in the student's college experience.


Programs:  Craig designs and delivers presentations,

workshops and classes for parents of

college-bound students.  

Advising:  Craig advises and coaches parents as they

navigate the college experience

in partnership with their student.

Consulting:  Craig consults with institutional

clients to co-create actionable strategies for parent engagement in student success initiatives.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the knowledge and insight parents need to support their student's success in college and beyond.

For more information, contact Craig directly.