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College Launch & Transition for Parents


We share your desire and commitment to successfully launch your child into young adulthood.



Parents need to be equipped with insider knowledge about the college search process, today’s college culture and the student experience beyond the college classroom.



Understanding  the challenges and opportunities students will encounter  in college provides insight into how to effectively support them in their college journey.



College officials need to work together with parents as partners to support student success throughout the college experience.



Craig Ullom, Ed.D.

     Prior to creating NextPath Learning, Craig served as a college educator and senior student affairs administrator at large and small, public and private colleges and universities working with thousands of students and their parents throughout his career.


     In addition to being a Dean of Students, he has often been referred to as a "Dean of Parents" because of his efforts to prepare and empower parents as partners in the college experience.  Craig blends his professional and personal experience to prepare parents of college-bound students as they launch the college selection process.  


     His independent, insider's perspective of college life and the role parents play as partners with their student and college officials is essential to any parent of a student heading to college. 

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